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This is a custom-order product, allowing customers the opportunity to select their preferred collar design, sleeve and body sizes, and length balance. You can experience a size tailored more precisely to your body shape than standard sizes. We kindly ask you to make your choice based on your individual body shape and preferred style.

*100% Cotton
*Machine wash
*Made in japan
*We produce fabric using a technique called "yarn dying" where the yarn is dyed before weaving, in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, the production site of this fabric. This button-down shirt is made using high-quality indigo-dyed yarn and is carefully sewn by skilled craftsmen at a domestic factory.

The warp yarn of this fabric is characterized by using indigo-dyed yarn. Indigo dyeing gradually fades as it is washed, resulting in a shirt with a deep and nuanced taste as it is worn for a long time. The fabric is woven on an old loom called a "power loom" from the Showa era, giving it a unique texture.

The buttons are made from domestically produced shell buttons, and the woven name tag is also produced domestically with high-quality materials. It is a one-of-a-kind shirt with an elegant and comfortable feel created by the high-quality fabric. We hope you can feel the comfortable fit of this shirt, which was made with a focus on the fabric.

For a model height of 176cm wearing size L, we offer variations in body and sleeve sizes—XXS/JP-S, XS/JP-M, M/JP-L, L/JP-XL—allowing you to customize your shirt based on personal preference. While individual differences exist due to factors such as body shape, a general guideline based on height is as follows:

XXS/JP-S size: Below 160cm to 165cm
XS/JP-M size: 165cm to 173cm
M/JP-L size: 173cm to 178cm
L/JP-XL size: 175cm to 180cm and above
For instance, if someone is 165cm tall with a robust build, they might consider ordering:

Body: M/JP-L size
Length: Short
Sleeve Length: XXS/JP-S or XS/JP-M size
This approach ensures a better fit tailored to individual body types compared to standard sizes. Some customers prefer an overall relaxed silhouette with a moderate length, and they may opt for:

Body: L/JP-XL size

Length: Short
Sleeve Length: L/JP-XL size
Customers have the flexibility to mix and match collar, body, and sleeve components according to their body type and style preferences

*This item will be manufactured and shipped within approximately 2 or 3 weeks after receiving the order. Please note that this may vary depending on the production situation.

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