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*70% Washi, 30%, Polyester
*Made in Japan
*Botton down shirt
*Machine wash

*Sustainable fabric made of Washi and recycled polyester. 

The fabric is made from thinned wood harvested to protect Canada's coniferous forests. The polyester thread that is twisted together is recycled material. It doesn't get stuffy and keeps you dry and comfortable even when you sweat. After the product is made, it undergoes a special washing process, giving it a very soft texture.

* What's Washi? Washi is the traditional Japanese paper made from wood pulp, which has the history of approximately 1,400 years. It is 1/3 lighter than cotton, has very high strength and long shelf life, other many functions like breathable, highly absorbent, quick drying, and so on. Environmentally friendly material.    

The buttons are made from domestically produced shell buttons, and the label is woven in a domestic factory using high-quality materials. This shirt is made with a focus on the fabric, and it should provide a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience.


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