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Body Length 着丈 110
Shoulder Width 肩幅 52
Chest Width 身幅 56
Sleeve Length 袖丈 56
Sleeve Opening Width 袖口幅 10

*85%Cotton / 7%Linen / 8%Rayon 

*Made in Japan

This fabric is Banshuori produced in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture. It is made from high-quality cotton, linen, and rayon. It features supple stripes in black on an ivory base made from a yarn-dyed blend of fabrics. The soft texture and elegant fabric make this a piece that feels good on the skin. Beautiful shell buttons made from only the finest materials. We use Takase shell buttons from Tomoi, a renowned shell button manufacturer in Japan, produced in northern Nara Prefecture, the number one button production area in Japan.
The fabric and sewing are "Made in Nishiwaki".

If you unbutton the front button specification with a long length, you can wear it as a flowing or haori, and if you stop the button, you can wear it as a long shirt all year round.
Regular collar and sleeves.

*The color may differ from the actual one depending on the color development of the monitor. Thank you for your understanding.

*There are variations depending on the processing, and there is some expansion and contraction in the fabric.

- About us -

Shirts directly from the factory to their new owner.

THE INDUSTRY WORKS is a shirt brand that uses Banshu fabric to carefully create and directly deliver shirts from our factory in Banshu. Even today, Banshu fabrics are endorsed by well-known brands around the world. We bring out the best in the fabric and incorporate it into our items. Each shirt is a unique piece that can be customized to fit your body, and feature the design of your choosing. As the owner of this cherished piece, you can bring value and a story to your everyday life.

★★★Shop is now OPEN ★★★
On September 18, 2023, we opened a shirt store on the premises of our sewing factory. We are selling Japanese-made shirts produced in our in-house sewing factory directly at this retail location. 

- Brand Story -


THE INDUSTRY WORKS creates Banshu woven shirts. The thread is first dyed, then woven in the "saki-zome" method, so that you can enjoy the beautiful color and high quality of the fabric. Our team of professionals takes on the process of design, warping, weaving, cutting, sewing, finishing, and packaging to create each shirt. We will continue to build on these detailed and careful techniques to create each shirt and deliver it to you.

The manufacturing process of THE INDUSTRY WORKS shirts 

01 Warping

Warping is the process of arranging the warp threads by color to realize the pattern of the fabric. After winding, the warp threads are brought to the weaving factory.

02 Weaving

Weaving is the process of placing warped threads on a loom, and weaving through the weft threads to realize the pattern of the fabric. This completes the woven fabric. After this, it is finished to the desired texture at the final factory.

03 Cutting

Cutting refers to cutting the fabric accurately according to the pattern. It is done carefully by our specialized cutting staff. 

04 Sewing

This refers to "making clothes" by sewing the cut parts together with a sewing machine. They are carefully tailored by sewers in our factory. 

05 Finishing

Attachments such as buttons, labels are affixed to the sewn products, and wrinkles are smoothed out with a hand iron or press. The finishing process is carefully conducted to create an even more beautiful final product.

06 Packaging

We package the products in a box stamped with THE INDUSTRY WORKS logo. The quality of the product is delivered simply, without excessive packaging. We value direct delivery from the production area, and deliver them one by one to their new owners.


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